In August 2015, a friend was getting married. She had a house crammed with lovely things and so, rather than buy more ‘stuff’, I surreptitiously photographed her divine rescue whippet, Dulcie, and drew some pencil sketches for her. She seemed very pleased! I put the pictures on Facebook and the rest, as they say, is history.


So, I am untrained, unqualified and a complete novice! However, most of the commissions I have undertaken seem to have been a success to date. What I have discovered is that the photograph from which I work has to be top quality with plenty of detail, not blurred and with a good light in the animal’s eyes and fur. (My sight is not so good in my old age, so the quality of the photo is all important!)

I would therefore be delighted to undertake commissions, but on the basis that when it is finished, if you do not like it, you do not pay for it, nor do you get it – I will keep it and do what I will with it!

I work in pencil on acid-free paper. The picture will be A3 in size (420 x 297mm), landscape or portrait depending on the photo, head only, unless otherwise agreed in advance.  Alternatively, I can do multiple heads on larger paper – to be discussed if you would like this.

The work will be sprayed with a fixative before you take delivery of it, and once sprayed, cannot be altered or amended.   Please email me for a current price for a drawing.

I will also charge for visiting to take photographs – The price for this is by agreement in advance.

If you think you have a photograph of suitable quality, then I would need to see it before agreeing to draw the animal. However, this photograph MUST be taken by you, or you must have permission from the owner/creator of the photograph to use it for this purpose, i.e. it should be free from all copyright conditions: I cannot use another photographer’s work for money, obviously.

You can find more example os my work on Facebook.